September 11, 2007

Free Playstation 3

A legit free PS3 offer explained.

You've surely seen the ads, and you truly can get a free Playstation 3. Not all Free Playstation 3 offers are equal, but I will show you one site that makes getting one easy. There's no hidden tricks -- read below for all the details.

Free Playstation 3! And it's easy to get!

Free Playstation 3

Right now, there are people enjoying their Playstation 3, and enjoying it even more knowing they got it for free. You can be one of them! Don't let this opportunity pass you by. It may sound outrageous, but keep reading and I'll explain it all. I have personally received a free Playstation 3 -- as well as many other freebies -- and I'm going to share with you how I did it.

There are many sites today who heavily advertise Free PS3 offers, whether through web ads, spam emails, or even the radio, but how do you think they are able to afford this advertising? Simple. They make it nearly impossible to actually receive what they lure you in with. If you really want a Free Playstation 3, follow this guide. Swift Rewards is a website that actually gives away free PS3s (and more), and it's very easy as well.

So how does it work?

Below I will outline the simple process to getting your free Playstation 3. Feel free to either follow along in a new browser window, or to read it all over once before getting started. It is very simple, but if you have questions, about any of it, just leave me a comment and I'll answer as soon as I can (the Post Comment link is at the bottom of the page).

Steps to getting your Free Playstation 3...

Free Playstation 3 - Step 1 Sign up at Enter your email address at the bottom of the page and click the Sign Up button.

On the next page, you will be asked to set up a profile, giving your name and address. Be sure to enter valid, truthful info! If you make up false information, they cannot ship you your prize!

All of your info is safe and confidential. You can read their Privacy Policy to confirm that they don't sell your information or spam you with email or sales calls. You may want to set up a free email account at Yahoo or elsewhere however -- the reason for which will be explained in just a minute -- but the worst thing you can do is to give false info, because you can be disqualified from receiving a prize. Do not try to cheat the system in any way! It is not hard to receive your Free Play Station 3, so don't ruin your opportunity by breaking the rules.

If you follow the rules you'll have your Free PS3 before you know it. Be sure not to break any of the rules listed below:

Win Free Playstation 3 Setting up multiple accounts using fake info or other peoples' names.

Win Free Playstation 3 Letting other people in your household sign up (there's a limit of one per household)

Win Free Playstation 3 Using a public computer or one used by other people who are also accessing Swift Rewards (eg workplace/library/coffee shop/dorm).
Free Play Station 3
Be sure to read their Terms and Conditions for the full rules. The terms are stated in plain English and aren't "legalese" as with most sites. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, just post a comment, or simply email Swift Rewards and ask them.

Free Playstation 3 - Step 2Sample a service during a special trial period

This step is where some peoples' skepticism gets the best of them and they decide to quit. Continue reading and I'll explain it all! I'll also dive into the question you have to be asking yourself: How can this company afford to give away free Playstation 3s?

Swift Rewards is able to give you a free Playstation thanks to something known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a hugely successful method of getting people to try new products. The nation's largest retailers, internet providers, and banks have affiliate programs that reward individuals (or other companies) for bringing in new customers.

You would be hard pressed to find any major retailer that does not have an affiliate program. Go to,,,,, anywhere, and look for a link at the very bottom of the page for "Affiliate Program", "Affiliates", etc. Everyone is using affiliate marketing. Take my bank for example. If I know someone who wants to open a checking account, and I recommend them to the bank I use, my bank will give me a free gift (luggage, or whatever) after my friend opens his account.

So, here's how it works: Swift Rewards is a partner with a ton of different companies, and they are paid -- through those companies' affiliate programs -- for getting people to try their products. They use the money that they receive to buy you a Free Playstation 3, and then they ship it to you at no cost. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

As you've probably figured out, that means you need to try one of these companies' services. But don't worry, it will cost you nearly nothing to do so! A Playstation 3 costs $600; Swift Rewards will ship you one for FREE, and trying an advertiser's offer will cost you less than $10!

60gb Playstation 3Getting back to the step-by-step, you've registered an account and are now looking at one of two things: the Offers page, or your Status page. If you're not on the Offers page, click the Offers link in the navigation menu. You'll see a large selection of offers to choose from, and each lists it's cost, along with a brief description (which is shown as you move your mouse over the images). The vast majority of offers are 30-day trials. You can probably find several that are 100% free. A few have $1 activation fees, and some are free plus $2.95 - $4.95 for shipping and handling. Look around and pick one that sounds interesting to you.

After clicking on an offer, it will open in a new window. You should have any popup/ad filters disabled right now so as not to interfere with anything. Find a link on the advertiser's website for their Terms of Service (hold Shift as you click the link, to open it in a new window -- you don't want to navigate away from the page you are on). You'll want to skim through the Terms to be sure you understand what the details of the offer are. For example is it a 30-day trial or a 15-day trial?

The list of available offers will change from time to time, but here are some I recommend:

Win Free Playstation 3 Gamefly - $9.95 for one month of Gamefly. Rent from thousands of games and have them delivered to your door.

Win Free Playstation 3 Bargain Autos - Costs $1. Search for deals on cars sold through police auctions, govt auctions, etc

Win Free Playstation 3 How to Make Money on eBay - Costs $1.95 for s&h. They'll send you a kit that teaches you how to open an eBay store and you get discounts on items that you can resell.

Win Free Playstation 3 Blockbuster - Costs $9.95 for one month. Choose movies to rent and have them delivered to your door. Also includes two free rentals in-store each month.

Win Free Playstation 3 - FREE. Get a free credit report...

Region Free Playstation 3 - FREE. Print postage right from your computer.

Region Free Playstation 3 Girls Gone Wild - Some nice DVDs ;)

Region Free Playstation 3 Great Fun / Simply You / Today's Escapes / At Home Rewards - These four offers are all $1 and give you discounts at various stores. These often come with a free $25 giftcard for Walmart, Lowes, or some other store. Read the details of the offer to see if it includes one. If so it'll take 4-6 weeks for the giftcard to arrive.

Region Free Playstation 3 MagazineBurst - $27. More expensive than others but it's really good. You get subscriptions to five magazines for only $27.

After signing up for the offer, you will receive a credit on your Swift Rewards account (viewable on the Status page). Most offers will credit instantly, while some may take a couple of days. The time it takes for an offer to credit is listed on the Offers page. Also listed will be the credit value. You need one full credit, so if, for example, you sign up for an offer worth 0.6 credits, you'll need to do a second offer worth 0.4 credits or more.

Some notes about doing offers...

Free Playstation 3 Since a "cookie" is used to let the advertiser know how you found their offer (and thus, to credit your Swift Rewards account), you may want to ensure that Internet Explorer is set to allow all cookies. You find this option under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab. If you move the slider all the way down it sets it to Accept All Cookies. You can always change this back after you are done.

Free Playstation 3 As mentioned earlier, disable anti-popup/anti-ad programs temporarily.

Free Playstation 3 If you plan on getting more free stuff, after you get your Free Sony Playstation 3 (you can repeat this same site to get PS3 games as well), be sure to write down which offers you have completed, because completing the same one twice will get you disqualified. You may also want to write down the day you signed up, what the terms of the offer are (eg the length of the trial), and what their customer service phone number is.

Free Playstation 3 Sign up for an offer that interests you, and give yourself plenty of time to try it out. You usually have 30 free days so make use of it. You aren't obligated to keep any offers past their trial period, however signing up just to get credit, and cancelling without honestly trying it, could lead to your credit for that offer being revoked.

Free Playstation 3 Although Swift Rewards never sends spam, you would need to read the Privacy Policy of the offer you sign up for to ensure that that company doesn't. Or, just use a free Yahoo or Gmail email account instead, so that any possible spam is sent there instead of to your usual email address. In any case, make sure you enter a VALID email address, and if you use Yahoo/Gmail, use that to register your Swift Rewards account as well.

Free Playstation 3 Don't use AOL, Netzero, or other dialup internet providers that work via a proxy (because you could end up being assigned the same IP address as someone else, and being DQ'd for appearing to have multiple accounts). If you're unsure if your service uses one, call them and ask. Or upgrade to DSL or Cable...

Free Playstation 3 - Step 3Tell your friends about this!

After you've been credited with your offer, you should refer friends as needed. To get a Free Playstation 3, you need to refer 10 people (an 80GB PS3 is 13 referrals). Give them your referral link, which you'll find on your Status page. Once they sign up, you'll see them listed on that page as well.

When you give your link to people, make sure to mention the instructions listed on this site. If they don't complete an offer, you won't receive credit for their signup. Remember, the Plays Station 3s are paid for by the advertisers who sponsor the offers. If your friend is skeptical, point them to this site, or talk to them about affiliate marketing. Show them the Affiliate sections of every major retailer and they should be able to understand that it is a popular and proven business model. The reason for requiring referrals isn't to make it hard on you (not that it's hard -- read the following paragraphs), it's because you alone, completing just one or two offers, does not earn the company nearly enough money to pay for your Free Playstation 3 system. (They do in fact have a no-referrals-required site, which you can find at Using that site, you complete several offers and earn points for each, trading in your points for the prize of your choice.)

Getting referrals isn't too difficult. Having your friends sign up is only one way you can get referrals. There are many others as well. For example:

Free Playstation 3 Get relatives or co-workers to sign up (just be sure they don't live with you or share your computer or internet connection).

Free Playstation 3 Go to gaming forums - or any forum for that matter - and post your link there. Check the forum's rules as some may not allow referral links, but if you do it in a tactful way it could still be allowed. For example instead of posting your referral link, just post a link to the homepage, and explain what you are doing. Ask that anyone who is interested send you a Personal Message so that you can reply with your referral link. If they're going to sign up anyways, they'll likely oblige and use your link. Also, on most forums, you are allowed to include any link in your signature (the settings for which are in your Profile).

Free Playstation 3 If a friend is not quite sure about signing up, you could even offer to pay them a few dollars (or buy them lunch) to make up for the cost of the offer they complete. Think about it: even if you acquired all of your referrals this way (which of course is not likely), you would spend no more than $65, assuming $5 per person. That's about one tenth the cost of buying a PS3, and is about what you would pay for one Playstation 3 game. Just be aware of a few things: 1. You cannot personally complete offers for them - they must do it themselves. 2. You cannot use your credit/debit card to pay for their offer. 3. Be sure they choose an offer they are interested in, and that they follow the same rules as mentioned earlier (don't provide fake info, read the terms of the offer, etc).

Win A Free Playstation 3 Enjoy your Free Playstation 3!

After you've met the requirements (getting 1 offer credit, and referrals who got theirs too), you can expect your Free Play station 3 to be shipped out in about three days!

Also, just to be sure it's understood, don't confuse this with a pyramid scheme. Receiving your Free Playstation 3 is NOT dependant on whether your referrals find referrals for themselves. If they never bother to take advantage of this, it doesn't matter. So long as you get the needed number of referrals for yourself, with each having 1 offer credit, you've met your requirements and the Free PS3 is yours!

If you still have ANY questions or doubts, please post a comment and I will answer it as soon as possible. Or, go straight to the source and contact Swift Rewards directly.

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